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About Us

Affordable Serenity is an independent company specializing in the ethnobotanical herb commonly known as Kratom.

Kratom is tropical evergreen tree located throughout the jungles of South East Asia. In the same family as coffee, kratom has been used traditionally since the early 19th century. Some call it their miracle plant and for good reason. As witnesses to the amazing power of kratom, Affordable Serenity is a collaboration between two guys who both dedicate their lives to educating people with the knowledge that is kratom.

Our goal and mission is simple.

Hearing stories of kratom successes of others is our number one reason to advocate. We want to share with as many people the benefits of kratom. From the feedback of our customers to the examples in our own lives. The proof is in the leaf. It's our job to allow others the opportunity to see what Affordable Serenity is all about.

Affordable Serenity is proud to be able to say that less is more with our product.

Sourcing our kratom from a single farmer exclusively, we are able to ensure our customers with superior quality kratom on a consistent basis. We never release product without trying them ourselves. This allows our customers safe access to some of the most naturally potent kratom available in the United States.

You might be curious to what makes our kratom superior. The answer is a mixture of heritage, science, and wisdom. An eighth generation farmer is responsible for the potency behind Affordable Serenity. The knowledge of a drying process that has been passed down to him allows for very little loss of alkaloids, what is responsible for the magic of kratom.

Our customers have shared and reported to us an impressive amount of different ailments that our products have helped them with.

With scrutiny from the FDA regarding the attempted emergency ban, it is also a top priority of ours that we inform the general public of the mis-information that the FDA fabricated in 2016. Affordable Serenity sees the opportunity as a challenge more than a fight. 

Whether you have questions about Affordable Serenity or would like more information about kratom, feel free to reach out to us anyway you prefer! We look forward to communicating with you.

Thank you for your time!

Joshua & Rodney

Quality Consistency

All of our Kratom is ground to the most consistently smooth texture.

Your Choice!

Whether you want it encapsulated or in powder form, you can choose whatever suits your needs!

Our Guarantee

Small batch kratom at it's finest! Our farmer cures and dries our kratom naturally indoors with zero added heat. We guarantee our product is as good if not better than anything on the market!