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We Need Help, ASAP!

Since day one, we’ve always envisioned creating a program that would allow our dedicated fans the opportunity to reward themselves by helping us grow as a company. 
As you know we pride ourselves on our Sampler Packs. We worked the better part of two years developing the product to showcase the benefits and applications of our products to newcomers and enthusiasts alike! 
The biggest struggle that we’ve faced was to find a receptive audience that was willing to give us a chance.
We finally started picking up momentum this summer and realized that we now have an opportunity to help our fans who are willing to help us spread the word!
Introducing Affordable Serenity’s Ambassador Programs (ASAP)
Here’s how it works. There are three ways to participate as a member of ASAP. Each of them hosts their own challenge and rewards. We break them down as the following:
Every new paying customer that mentions your name will earn you $5.00 of credit towards our products. So that means if you bring us 3 new paying customers, you get a product of your choice, for free! The more paying customers you bring Us, the more products you’ll earn! No caps, No Limits!
(***Terms & Conditions Apply***)
This program is further the incentive of referring us to others. It’s pretty simple. Bring us 5 repeating customers, we’ll knock $5.00 off every bag you purchase for LIFE!  (***Terms & Conditions Apply***)
Not interested in interacting with people? We’ve got something for you as well! Reposting our Instagram Or Facebook posts will gain you credit too! Every 10th repost or share will earn you $15.00 of credit. Unfortunately we can only afford to offer this 1 time a week per ambassador. But think about it, that’s an opportunity to earn a product of your choice 52 weeks a year totaling $780.00 in value! 
(*** Terms & Conditions Apply***)
But Wait, There’s MORE!
Not only can you participate in all 3 programs, but there is an opportunity to win prizes and free products if you push yourself to be productive!
Every quarter of the fiscal year, we’ll recognize and reward our top 3 producers based on performance amongst your fellow ambassadors.
This is just the beginning and we plan on opening up more programs within ASAP! 
For the time being there are only 10 spots available so the time to act is now!
Upon signing our ASAP Agreement, we would like to send you a product of your choice as a token of our appreciation for signing up.
Signing up is easy! 
Fill out and complete the contact page on our website.
Mention your interest in ASAP and watch your email inbox for the ASAP Agreement!
We Look Forward to Helping You to Help Us!

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