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It's been a busy start to 2020!

Welcome to the blog!

As many of you know, we are an independant start up company. We created Affordable Serenity in 2017 not really knowing what we wanted to accomplish. We did know we wanted to help those willing to try this amazing plant that was painted as an abomination by Big Pharma and the news. We sat down and started brainstorming.

Our inception was very modest. We knew with the initial amount of volume as we started would allow for us to use what we had easy access to for packaging. Our theory was that our product would speak for itself if we could find customers who could look past our extremely simple packaging. We started booking vendor booths at local events and festivals to start spreading the word of what kratom has done in our lives. 

With a lot of faith, hard work, and persistence we started to take off.

Both Rodney and I had managed businesses in the past but never owned and operated our own before. These last few years have given us more insight on what exactly we want to accomplish outside of just being a kratom company. The biggest lesson we are still learning is you have to crawl before you can run. 

In order to "run" we knew we were going to need to acquire the necessary tools to do so. 

We started with a logo. Something simple yet reflective as to what we wanted to provide our customers.

Then came the website. It took us the better part of 18 months to get a functional page but by god we did it! (John you are a rockstar!)

With immense gratitude, we now have packaging that we feel is worthy of the quality of our products. (Again John, you did an amazing job!)

We have a lot to accomplish still! We are by no means at a pace of a "run" yet. But we are confident moving into the next chapter as we continue to gain speed striving to be a national brand known for its superior products and impeccable customer service. 

We couldn't have done this without our loyal customers that allowed our product to prove our validity. We thank you guys for believing in us and are working daily to become the best we can! 

Without further ado, we give you our new packaging.

- J&R


  • Joshua Shew

    Hey Tracy! I am sorry to hear about your husband’s troubles. All of our products are listen in the “Products” page on this website. We do carry Green Vein Maeng Da and our capsules are sold at 48 (.5 Gram) capsules for $15.00. I hope this helps!

  • Tracy Hammond

    My husband has has a low back fusion and uses the green mango da, but it is so expensive. Do you also carry this strain in capsules? What is your cost?

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