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Curious About Our Sampler Pack?

Trying something new can be daunting...
Especially if that "something" has caught a bad rap from the failed attempts of slander by the FDA and DEA (2016).
As we racked our brains for the past two years to create a welcoming representation of the blessings our products provide, we've come to realize that it is much easier to hear a recommendation from an outside source than it is to hear it from us.  
After much trial and error in the search of people who were willing to keep an open mind about a natural approach to life's aches and pains, we finally found a generous amount of participants to see for themselves what Affordable Serenity is all about.
A Quick Side Note:
A major player in helping spread the word was one of our Instagram followers, @DropNugzNotNukes.
Micheal, thank you so much for your kindness and support! We look forward to working with you in the near future.
So with the help of Michael, we sent over 60 Sampler Packs in 10 days all across the United States to those curious about Affordable Serenity.
We have enjoyed every single review and we can't thank everyone for their kind words and efforts towards helping us grow!
So what all is included in our Sampler Pack?
We'll let our new friend take you through the unboxing.
This is Chef Willow Gonzalez's first time and experience of opening her Sampler Pack!
(Thank you Willow!)


Here's what Chef Willow had to say:

"""So as you know, I am always on the look for holistic botanicals when it comes to managing pain with SLE. @dropnugznotnukes did a review, and I figured I would give this another look. Now, before you make a judgment, hear me out. Kratom, like any plant medicine should be treated with respect and used for its intended purpose. More importantly, good medicine is not found at your local gas station or EZMart. It should be purchased from a reputable company that has their own gardeners and farming knowledge. They should test for efficacy, potency, and cleanliness. @askratom has done it all. Co-Founder Joshua Prides himself on plant knowledge and affordability for everyone. I found myself just fresh off the plane, with some hard work as soon as I got home. By the end of the evening, I could barely walk upstairs. I used my CBD tincture, but was still overwhelmed with uncomfortable pain that prevented me from relaxing into sleep. And then across the room, I catch a glimpse of the sample package that was waiting for me. It had been sitting there a month , hoping I would remember it was there. So I grabbed the package, and started recording. I only took one capsule, and in 25 minutes, there was no pain, and I racked out until 7 a.m. I had no medicinal hangover, and I was not fogged at all. I tried the White Vein Borneo and it kept me focused while I did some work. So far, I am super excited to have found a legitimate and affordable product that can be a part of my hollistic medicine bag. I took the time to call Josh @askratom to let him know what an impact it had. If you are familiar with Kratom, or even if you aren't, go check out affordableserneity.com and just read up on their back story. Do your own research, contact them and make your own judgments. Like all botanicals, this has not been evaluated by federal drug administration and we make no claims, except for personal experience. Like anything, educate and start with smallest amount first. Like cannabis, everyone gets hit differently. Go check out my friends @askratom. and tell them the @the_ganja_queen_ sent you! One love canna family, and always elevate yourself to your highest potential!""".

 Let me reiterate this is only one of the MANY reviews from the 60+ Sampler Packs we sent out. It's humbling to see the positivity we've provided to complete strangers. We want to continue helping others and we plan on it!

Even if you never make a purchase from us. We are blessed to have the ability to show the love and blessings that kratom offers to those that haven't experienced it.

Even if you're a kratom connoisseur of sorts. We are blessed to show you the difference with our products.


Maybe you've been on the fence about reaching out?

Maybe you're afraid of the unknown and unfamiliarity of this ancient plant?

Maybe this is your first time even hearing about kratom or Affordable Serenity?


We created our Sampler Pack specifically for these reasons and many more!  


Regardless where you stand, if you're ready to see what our customers have been raving about for the last two years, we're ready to show you... 


Well... We do ask that you read the included folded pamphlet and give us an honest review of your experiences with our Sampler Pack.

So what are you waiting for? 

Claiming your Sampler Pack is easy and simple! Follow these steps and we'll get you taken care of. 



Click this link.







Welcome to our Home page!

Scroll down to and click on the "4 Strain Sampler Pack".






Click "Add To Cart".





Continue by clicking "Check Out".

Be sure to read through the "Terms and Conditions" and select the button "I agree to the terms and conditions" if you agree.





Follow the instructions by filling out required contact information to make sure your Sampler Pack is sent to the right address!

Click "Continue To Shipping".







FIll out any remaining information required.

Click "Continue To Payment".






Click "Complete Order".





All there is left to do is wait for your Sampler Pack!


We are blessed to have the opportunity to share the beauty of this amazing plant during this pandemic. In a time of conflict against an invisible enemy, our intent for these Sampler Packs is to give it's recipients a chance to breath for a moment. To help show everyone who's willing to keep an open mind that the FDA & DEA got it wrong about kratom.

Regardless of what you're trying to gain refuge from, we're confident that with some patience and faith you'll be pleasantly surprised about how effective our products are! 

We hope to hear from everyone that receives a Sampler Pack. We only grow as a company if we get to hear how we're doing from your point of view! So please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you have! 


We Hope This Finds You Healthy & Well!


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