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A look inside Affordable Serenity

As we've grown in the past two years, we've came across many questions about everything kratom related. From differences between strains to alkoloiads and their properties. One question we hear a lot is "How do we operate?". Our answer is "With our customers in mind!".

If you look at our products you'll notice we offer two variations for each strain. To those who don't mind the taste of kratom, we offer powder. For those who do, we have our capsules. Same product, different methods. But each variation doesn't just magically appear. Let me walk you through our procedure.

Testing phase:

We receive our kratom and immediately test it. Our first test is a microbial pathogen test. We've been blessed to never have contaminated kratom! After confirming the kratom is clean, we sample it ourselves to ensure its potency. We strive to maintain our reputation of offering potent kratom.

If we're happy with the results, the kratom is inventoried and labeled with a batch number. We then place the kratom in an UV resistant container and put into storage. Our kratom is stored in a temperature controlled room to maintain freshness.

Now we begin our processing and packaging phase: 

(Joshua prepping the packaging chamber for capsule production) 


We process and package all of our products in an our iso-cleanroom maintained by UV germicidal lights and HEPA filtration systems. Our cleanroom is a sealed double chambered structure offering a changing room and an isolated sterile packaging room. When packaging our products, not only do we first sterilize our rooms, but we sterilize our cleansuits we wear during production. This ensures our kratom maintains it's cleanliness.  

Prior to introducing our products to their packaging, each bag is individually labeled and sanitized with ultraviolet lighting. 

For our powder products, each bag is individually filled then sealed. Every bag is weighed for accuracy. 

Our capsule products are manually encapsulated with the help of our capsule machine, 800 capsules at a time! Once the capsules are pressed, they're collected then packaged and sealed in lots of 48.

Products ready for sale are collected and stored for purchase. These steps we take are to ensure we safely provide our customers with the best product we can. No matter the time it takes! 

(Every product we offer is traceable with individualized batch number) 


Now that the hard work is done, our favorite part begins. Enter community outreach phase: 

(Photography credit to Quincy Valley Farmer's Market)

Maybe you found us at your local farmers market. Maybe you stumbled upon us at a home show. You might have seen us at Barter Faire. Someone could have gave you our business card. Google could have pointed you to us. The possibilities are plentiful!

We make it a point to find the opportunities in our surrounding area to not only sell our products but also to advocate the astonishing powers of kratom. There is so much misinformation being spread about kratom. We feel the obligation to do our best to try and educate as many people as we can.

As we approach the halfway mark of February 2020, we are excited to continue our growth as we reach further to new events and festivals around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

We look forward to sharing the truth about kratom with all of you!

- J&R  







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