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Having tried multiple prescription medications for my adult ADD, I was tired of all the side effects. After using the White Sumatra from Affordable Serenity, there's no turning back!

John from WA

I have had numerous failed back surgeries and also suffer from an autoimmune disorder. It is safe to say that without Kratom my pain would at times be unbearable.

Sherri from WA

Before taking this kratom I was in so much pain and stressed out from work. Now I can go on with my day in less pain and in a better mood. 

Danielle from WA

 Affordable Serenity is a very reliable company known for their superior kratom, vast knowledge, and professional customer service. Do yourself a favor and contact them today! 

Austin from WA

I am thankful I was willing to try kratom. I am 73 years old and it's a comfort to be free from pain.

Linda from WA

I have felt passionate about the life changing qualities the kratom provide that I have passed along information and my testimony to my friends and family! While always referring them to Affordable Serenity because of their exceptional customer service, their passion to increase quality of life for others, and the consistency and quality of their products. 

Chelsea from WA

As a nurse I was hesitant at first but ultimately gave it a try and am very glad I did! Kratom has helped me significantly! Especially with the fatigue and ‘brain fog’ associated with Lupus. But it is also helpful in joint pain reduction.

Julie from WA

Since the moment I switched to this company’s kratom I stopped getting headaches and feeling sick, I also don’t have to consume as much to feel the effects of it. Affordable Serenity has the absolute best kratom. It is a great business with top quality kratom, they are also extremely friendly and helpful. I am happy that Affordable Serenity was introduced to me and I will continue to spread the good word of their wonderful product.

Janelle from WA
Quality Consistency

All of our Kratom is ground to the most consistently smooth texture.

Your Choice!

Whether you want it encapsulated or in powder form, you can choose whatever suits your needs!

Our Guarantee

Small batch kratom at it's finest! Our farmer cures and dries our kratom naturally indoors with zero added heat. We guarantee our product is as good if not better than anything on the market!